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Ziya Gökaslan: The Turk who Reinvent the Spine

Ziya Gökaslan, MD, Prof. graduated İstanbul University Medicine Faculty in 1983. After, he specialized in Neurosurgery at Baylor College of Medicine in the US. He worked in New York University Hospital and Houston Anderson Cancer Center. The professor intensified on spine surgery in these years and implemented many major operations on spine disorders and cancers that take place in literature. He is assigned Spine Center Director at Neurosurgery Department of Johns Hopkins Hospital. At the same time, Gökaslan contributed to establishing of Anadolu Health Center in Turkey and to sign an affiliation agreement with Johns Hopkins.

The professor has been working as Neurosurgery and Comprehensive Spine Center Director at Rhode Island and Miriam Hospital since 2015. Moreover, he is the head of the Neurosurgery Department of Warren Alpert Medicine Faculty of Brown University which is one of the most respected universities in the US.

Is it possible to make a new spine

Gökaslan is building a new spine with a piece of bone which from cutting of the foot, hip or another place of the patient instead of a disordered area in the spine. When he can not cut a piece of bone of a patient, he affords to heal the spine that using some plastic or metal substances. These surgeries are preferred tumor cases, commonly. Also, he is reshaping the spine with breaking it, in scoliosis cases.

Prof.Ziya Gökaslan has been living for more than 30 years in the US. In the beginning, he had started to residency on cardiovascular surgery, but after he had decided to go on neurosurgery. When Prof.De Bakey operated Turgut Özal who is the decedent President of Turkey, Prof.Gökaslan was in there as an assistant heart doctor. He had indicated that why did he specialize in neurosurgery rather than heart with these words; “Heart is a limited area for a physician. It was not exciting to me. But the brain is full of many mystery subjects. Issues are harder and surgery is heavier. We must handle tough cases when patients back their normal and healthy life, I can not describe our happiness.

The Professor has over 500 academic publishing and other academicians had cited almost fourteen thousand times to his publishings. Also, he has the Leon Wiltse reward which is given by the North America Spine Society. The society had defined to giving this award to Gökaslan, “Excellence leadership and clinical researches on spine surgery”

Ziya Gökaslan ve US Healthcare System

Spine surgery is an area which demands cutting-edge technology and intensive manpower, as a natural result of this, costs are quite high. In Turkey, spine surgery operations are also expensive, it is almost hundred of thousand Turkish Lira. Nevertheless, it does not seem as expensive as the US. In the US where healthcare services provided by private hospitals intensively, is request higher prices for spine surgery. The success of Gökaslan on spine surgery contributes tremendous added-value to hospitals in which he works. He performs 150 surgery in a year with his team. It is thought that he earned almost half a million dollars to his employer in just a year.



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