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Many patients from different countries prefer Turkey for getting quality healthcare services. But quality is not just a component of these decisions. Also, many people who need health care services demand affordable prices. Turkey is an intertwined location of these two demands; affordable prices and quality healthcare services. We try to understand how does Turkey did this in this video.

1. Lower healthcare Professional salaries

When we compare the average salaries of Turkish doctors with other doctors who are working in western countries like France, Germany, the UK or the USA, there are considerable differences between them. Of course, as in many countries, the profession of a doctor has one of the highest levels in terms of earnings in Turkey, but when we look at from global frame, it seems not enough.

2. Currency differences

There is no doubt that currency differences are the most important factor of cheapness. Nowadays, 1 dollar is almost 7 Turkish lira. For example, a healthcare provider demand 1000 dollar for a check-up program which includes some examinations and diagnosis methods like MRI, USG or some specific tests, it seems pretty affordable for a foreigner, but it means 7000 Turkish lira for the hospital.

3. Government supports

Increasing revenues from healthcare tourism are one of the most important goals of the government. Because of this, they have been providing many incentives for hospitals. For instance, when a private hospital group attends to an international congress, the trade ministry pays half of the expenses. It is same also almost all international marketing expenses. The rate they payback can reach to 80% for some activities.

4. Lower administration expenses

When we compare again Turkish Hospitals with western ones, with it is pretty sad, administration expenses are rather lower in the country. In some small hospitals which have 50-60 beds, there are just 4-5 managers who are responsible for running to the hospital. Also, some employees like hospital receptionists have a minimum wage. It is almost 2500 TL, so it means almost 265 dollars according to today’s currency value. As a natural result of this, Turkish hospitals achieve to provide affordable prices to foreign patients, and this is one of the most considerable factors.

5. Staying Competitive

The Healthcare tourism market is rising day by day. India, South Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, Brasil are other countries’ efforts to attract patients to their hospitals. As usual suspects, some developed countries like the USA and Germany are still the first choices of patients to getting healthcare services. Nowadays, some new countries try to enter the market like Tunus and Romania which indeed have not quality healthcare services even their citizens. Also, some countries are intensifying in just a specialty like Spain, Cyprus, and Czechia. Their focus point is infertility and IVF treatment. In this condition, Turkey must keep prices affordable.


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