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SYM Content Marketing Services

Doctors and hospitals can increase their accessibility and recognition with content marketing services of SYM.

What is content marketing?

Whole media materials are content. Articles, social media posts, press releases, blogs, youtube videos are good examples of content. Their first purposes are informing the patient about the disorder and guiding. Successful content does not effort to buy something directly. It should explain the brand in the context.

There is content and, how will we market this content? The content should be optimized for Google search machine, be promoted by social media posts, and announce to audiences through e-mail marketing. Then, content evolves to content marketing but, the first step of content marketing every time explores the consumer tendency and produces quality and informing material for the patient. Lastly, the content is measured and recovered through digital marketing tools.

In 1996, Bill Gates said that content is king after is released. These words have a more important meaning, nowadays. Why? Because, the content has quality information and it is organic, so it is valuable like that. When everyone tries to sell something and show advertising, a content tries to inform the consumers, it is just aimed at helping to reach the point which you want.

One of the better features is being timeless. Every ad is for a certain period, and after the campaign, it has vanished. Because it is about money and budget. But, quality content is absolutely timeless. If you produce content for kidney health, it will probably be available after five years. If there is innovation about kidney health and surgery, you can update the content without changing the link structure.

Content marketing work for one and only aim; guiding the consumers in the purchase journey. Actually, informing a patient who is confused about disease and treatment is one of the most precious works in the healthcare sector which has a communication obstacle between doctor and patient due to information asymmetry. Thus, doctors and hospitals can gain the trust of patients and as we know, trust is the miracle word in the healthcare sector.

content marketing in health

Why Content Marketing?

Paul Elwood, MD who is a pediatric neurologist and one of the founding fathers of the US health system said thirty years ago; “Hospitals have no patients, hospitals have doctors and doctors have patients.” These are still valid words. Actually, the words are tried to change by chain hospital groups. They want to have patients, but inherently they have not. Although they thought that achieve this, they just achieved to hire successful doctors this is a big achievement to the same degree. For this reason, doctors should begin their websites or blogs and produce content.

Hospital groups are performing this issue, they get produced content by doctors, content specialists or agencies, and getting benefits to the power of content marketing. In fact, there are big opportunities for small, boutique, and outpatient hospitals. This is a well-known fact that, marketing works to nudge four main purposes; awareness, interest, desire, action. There is no doubt that content marketing serves all this and is the most cost-effective tool to accomplish this.

Types of content marketing

There are many types of content marketing. Content is generally the same but it must be changed according to a channel by the producer. Some content marketing types like that; blog, press release, email, social media post, podcast, video. For instance, blog content should be been at least 800 words for a website, but 300 words are enough for a press release, or for Instagram the content must be attractive and brief like a maximum of 5-6 words. If it is possible brands should explain theirs with just a photo and adding informed content under the sharing.

Who is SYM ?

SYM is a marketing agency that works on healthcare marketing. We work on graphic design, video making, content marketing, social media management, digital marketing, and our all focus is on the healthcare sector, and our clients are hospitals and doctors. Also, we produce content on the health sector in own website as Turkish and English. Our team is composed of a content specialist, digital marketing specialist, editor, graphic designer, social media specialist.

Who does write my content?

There are 3 specialists that interest in your content; author, editor, and SEO specialist. After you demand the content, the SEO guy investigates keywords, the author writes the content in the second step, the SEO guy optimizes the content for Google, and finally proofreading is done by the editor.

content marketing in health

On what topics and languages can I get content?

SYM produced content on just the healthcare sector and commonly on behalf of doctors and hospitals. Also, we can prepare content as formal for informing colleagues and informal for communities. For instance, when we generate content on robotic-assisted gynecologic oncology for health professionals, at the same time we can make ready content to inform the community about the same topic. You can demand your content in Turkish, English, and Arabic languages.

Will I see my content in the first rank of Google?

We are sorry but there is no precise answer to this, and we suggest to avoid people or companies which promise you for this. You need some multiple components to reach this aim. Quality and informing content is important, but also SSL certificate, page speed, AMP are crucial. But, if you combine these components, you can take an opportunity to reach the first page, because according to the new E.A.T. algorithm of Google, if a content which is about health belongs to a doctor, hospital, or university, Google efforts to increase the ranking of these contents.



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