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Best Neurosurgeons of Turkey​

Best Neurosurgeons of Turkey Someone thinks that neurosurgery is the toughest department of medicine. Long-hours operations, plenty of possible complications, unpermissive professors and so on. These features may discourage some doctors who graduated from medical school. Turkey is one of the most reputable locations on the treatment of neurosurgery disorders. Many Turk neurosurgeons have been…
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Ziya Gökaslan: The Turk who reinvent the spine

Ziya Gökaslan: The Turk who Reinvent the Spine

Ziya Gökaslan: The Turk who Reinvent the Spine Ziya Gökaslan, MD, Prof. graduated İstanbul University Medicine Faculty in 1983. After, he specialized in Neurosurgery at Baylor College of Medicine in the US. He worked in New York University Hospital and Houston Anderson Cancer Center. The professor intensified on spine surgery in these years and implemented…
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