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Best Heart Hospital of Turkey

Turkish heart doctors are well-known and well-respected in the whole world. They achieved much success in both clinic and academic on heart diseases. Treatment of new-born heart disorders (congenital), robotic-assisted heart surgery, heart rhythm problems (arrhythmias) are treated in Turkey for 80 years. On this page, we try to investigate the candidates of the best heart hospital in Turkey. Naturally, all of them are being in İstanbul.

Acıbadem Hospital - Bakırkoy

Acıbadem is one of the biggest health care provider of Turkey and there are many qualified heart doctors in there, but also Acıbadem Bakırköy Hospital has well-trained heart doctors on children heart diseases. They are performing on congenital heart disorders and children heart diseases, leading by pediatric heart surgeon Prof.Tayyar Sarıoğlu who is well-known among heart doctors society. Acıbadem Bakırköy is one of the first hospitals of the company and they have been serving more than 20 years to patients. They are a powerful candidate for the best heart hospital in Turkey, particularly in the pediatric heart.

Medipol University Hospital

Medipol University Hospital is İstanbul has more than 30 heart doctors. Half of them are professors on different disciplines on heart diseases like pediatric, congenital, heart transplant and artificial heart, arrhythmias, and electrophysiology. The hospital has Da Vinci Robotic Surgery. Also, they are only private hospital which performing on heart transplantation. Prof.Volkan Tuzcu who is one of the limited pediatric electrophysiologists in the country is performing in Medipol Hospital. Lastly, the hospital belongs to the health minister of Turkey.

Istanbul Florence Nightingale Hospital

İstanbul Florence Nightingale Hospital has a unique feature. Prof. Cemi Demiroğlu who is the founder of the hospital was a prominent doctor on improving science and healthcare in Turkey. He had established Istanbul University Cardiology Institute in 1979. After, he appointed as the rector of Istanbul University. After his retirement, he achieved to build one of the most respected hospitals in Turkey called İstanbul Florence Nightingale Hospital. Today, his son Prof. Cemşid Demiroğlu who is cardiologist like his dad has been running the hospital. They have been serving for many years as one of the best heart hospitals in Turkey. Lastly, the hospital group has an outpatient clinic in London, UK.

best heart hospital

Memorial Hospital

Memorial is one of the biggest health care facilities of Turkey, and as the group, they have been focusing on heart diseases for almost 25 years. Prof.Birgün Sönmez and Prof.İlke Siphi who are one of the most known heart doctors of Turkey are working for this hospital. They have been serving patients in the Memorial Şişli Hospital in İstanbul. Lastly, patients from many countries like Umman and Lebanon are applying to them for the treatment of cardiological problems.

Acıbadem Hospital - Maslak

Acıbadem Maslak Hospital is regarded as the best hospital in Turkey in terms of qualifications of physicians and state of the art medical devices, and also it is evaluated as one of the best hospitals of all Europe. The hospital has many well-trained heart doctors. Prof.Cem Alhan is one of the doctors and also In Europe, he is the first lecturer of the Ozaki Method which is breakthrough innovation on heart surgery in the whole world. Also, they can use robotic surgery for operations. Patients from Balcans, Russia, Qatar are applying to them for the treatment of cardiological problems. At some point, even though this argument will not be certain, it can be claimed as the best heart hospital in Turkey. Lastly, Acıbadem has many international clinics in Bulgaria, Netherland, Macedonia and they are looking at some new opportunities in England and Germany. 

Koc University Hospital

Koç University Hospital belongs to Koç Family who is the richest family of Turkey, and also it is the newest hospital in the list. Even though it is new-established university and medicine faculty, they are approving students with the highest score to the medical faculty in the university entrance exam. Also, they had transferred many well-respected doctors who are performing on heart surgery from other respectful hospitals. Also, Prof. Afksendiyos Kalangos who is an honorable Pediatric Cardiovascular Surgeon in the whole World is working for this hospital.

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