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A Turk Healthcare Entrepreneur in the US: Eren Bali is the biggest hotel chain in the World but they have any hotel, uber is the most common transportation tool but they have no car. Well, why should we have hospital buildings to be the biggest healthcare provider in the World.

Eren Bali is the founder of udemy which is one of the most common online education platforms. The U.S based company have been at first ten in the online education market in the World and there are hundreds of thousands course on the platform. Now, Eren Bali aspires to repeat this success in the healthcare sector. The Project emerged in his mind with his mother’s illness, and in recent two years, he has improved the Project, pretty much.

US healthcare sector is totally market-driven and as a natural result of this, it is pretty expensive. Entrepreneurs are trying to find a solution to this issue by some attempts. Their main motivation is to make cheaper healthcare providing for citizens. These entrepreneurs tend to move conventional health services to the online just like other sectors (banking, education, shopping, etc.) In this technology, patients can appoint doctors by video-calling or share the papers with the doctor who can evaluate it. After, the doctor offers a report to the patient about his disease and treatment choices. 

Moreover, step by step, private health insurance companies get started to cover these services. Eren Bali had tried to find the appropriate doctor for his mother’s disease, four years ago. He forced to meet more than 10 doctors for correct diagnosis and treatment.

Eventually, he had solved the problem and back to the U.S. But according to him, they could find the doctor thanks to his sister who is a nuclear medicine specialist. Immediately, he had started to work on a health system Project. Firstly, he had found a CEO for udemy which is his current company. At the same time, he had collected a team including engineers, a designer, and a doctor who will work on this new health project called Carbon. Eren Bali argues that the US healthcare system is pretty complicated, because of this, the market is the correct one for this attempt. Also, he mentions that preparing the background of the Carbon was harder than Udemy and he had given almost two years for this. On the other hand, Eren Bali did not face previous investors finding issues for Carbon. Lastly, he got a 30 million dollar investment in the middle of the recent year.

Eren Bali: How Does Carbon work?

Carbon is a totally mobile-driven application. In the beginning, it learns your health insurance, just take the picture of insurance card is enough for this. After, it shows clinics and doctors that have agreements with the insurance. You can organize online appointments with the doctors, if it is necessary, visit the nearest clinic for some basic laboratory test and radiology examination. Finally, the pharmacy sends medicines to your home. Also, the application reminds you of the drug times. One of the best parts of the application does not demand money from the patients. Indeed, Carbon is a kind of agent between patients and health care providers. Carbon had served hundreds of thousands of patients. It can be used just in San Francisco.



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